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What is a Bridge?
A missing tooth or teeth can create an unhealthy situation over time. It is very important to restore these gaps. When one or more teeth are lost or missing, the neighboring teeth can shift, tip or even "super-erupt" into the space. Teeth that have drifted from their normal and healthy position are often more susceptible to decay and gum disease. Further, this movement can lead to changes in a patient's bite that can ultimately put stress on the jaws, muscles, teeth and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Over time this can affect a patient's ability to chew and may even change the facial appearance depending on the location and number of missing teeth.

How long does this procedure take?
This procedure takes two or more visits to complete. At the first visit, the adjacent teeth are reduced, an impression is taken and sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication. At the second visit, the bridge is fit and placed permanently in the mouth. Like crowns, bridges can be made from variety of materials for strength and esthetic appearance. While it should always be discussed with your dentist before treatment, a fixed restoration is generally considered to be a favored solution for tooth replacement.